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Pest Solution Services - Bed Bug 101 - is a Toronto based company, specializing in controlling bed bugs in your home. We provide trustworthy and reliable service at competitive price.​​
With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry and pest management, we use state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly solutions to exterminate bed bugs.
We follow the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to control and prevent bed bugs.

Why Choose Us?

We have studied in entomology (science of insects) along with experience working with international pest control companies.
Pest Solution Services is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, and we are members of the

  1. Canadian Pest Management Association
  2. National Pest Management Association
  3. Structural Pest Management Association
  4. Better Business Bureau

Professional Development Ensuring Success

Knowledge is our first line of defence. Training in Canada and internationally keeps us informed about current technology, techniques, equipment, and research in bed bug control. We attend professional development courses and seminars (such as the Global BedBug Summit we attended for the past three years) offered by universities, researchers, international pest control organizations, and manufacturers of bed bug control equipment. In addition to that, we do not take action or carry out any bed bug treatment until there is solid evidence. These are our basic ethics of care, and this is why our customers trust us and we help them save their precious money and time. Read the  excellent reviews  concerning our professionalism on HomeStars

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Importance Of Inspection
Universally, bed bugs feed at night, although hungry bed bugs may feed any time. In the treatment of bed bugs we cannot neglect the biology along with their behaviour and control strategies, but the inspection is most important and very crucial part of bed bug control strategy or to deal the challenge of infestation of any kind.
Role of the inspection of bed bugs is getting more and more important because of the spread of bed bugs worldwide. We always keep our services updated according to need and requirement of our customers especially when the infestation is at the beginning stage and is very hard to find the evidence.
The failure of the control of bed bugs is because of treatment being done without any research.
Another disadvantage of the treatment without inspection is that bed bugs start spreading/moving from infested places to un-infested places in most of the cases. It is also observed in the field that non IPM program make the bed bugs worse and they start hiding in the structures, walls, ceiling and cement etc.


Environment Friendly

Bed bugs are biting rich and poor in whatever place they are sleeping or spending their time. Investigations have shown that bed bugs are highly migrant within and between entity. Bed bugs can cross walls, floors, ceilings by means of cracks and crevices, that is why special education and trainingis required to exterminate the bed bugs and is not the job of every one.
Bed bugs have been reported in hotels/motels, college dorms, schools/day care centres, shelters, office buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, doctors and out patient clinics, movie theatres, buses, trains, taxis, laundromats retail stores. Misuse of pesticides by the public is an other growing issue and this kind of practice is making more and more difficult to exterminate the bed bugs.
In order to exterminate the bed bug infestation we need appropriate blue print and outright best method. There are lot of recommended quick fix.All declare superior than balance. Dry steam is the one of the part of that quick fix to exterminate bed bug from the infestation place, as described below:
AmeriVap System gives 104°C(220°F) hot, dry steam for a sustained period of time that exterminates eggs and instantly crashes the population of bedbugs. It kills eggs and visually removes bedbug fecal matter. It is called "dry" because no water residue or dampness is left behind on the treated surface from the steam. No chemical agents are needed. Dry steam vapour penetrate even the smallest cracks, crevices and exterminate the bedbugs instantly. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use around children cribs. This kind of steaming does not damage the customers belongings-i.e Furniture, Electronics, TV, Computers, Property, etc. during the time of extermination of bed bugs.

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