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We Attended The "Global Bedbug Summit 2015"

Bed Bug 101 Canada

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We keep ourselves updated to get the latest knowledge -techniques - technology and research oriented results by attending different summits- seminars and training programs arranged by universities, bed bug technology manufacturer’s, bed bug pesticide venders locally and internationally.

Recently we attended GLOBAL BED BUG SUMMIT 2015 held in Denver, Colorado. In this global Bed Bug summit more than twenty researchers, Ph.D doctors from different universities delivered the lectures and presented their latest research /development findings as:

New insights into Bed Bug feeding

The challenges in Bed bug control

Battling Bed Bugs with diverse strategies

Public Health and Mental Health Implications of Bed Bug Infestations


Fear that bed bugs can spread a type of disease

Fear that bed bugs can attack pets

Fear the legal impact

Fear of the prestige

Fear to cut off the social activities

Why People Fear Bed Bugs

No doubt bed bug choose to feed on human, but can sustain on mice –rats etc

Some other bugs like bat bugs, tropical bed bugs, and poultry bugs have close relationship with bed bugs

Bed bugs can easily hide and travel on suitcases, luggage, furniture, and clothes. They do not care if a home is neat or messy.

Bed bugs have five stages from egg to become adult:

Lay 1-3 egg/day

Ideal temperature to lay the egg 26C

Need a blood as a food

Mostly feed and sleep in dark condition

Like to rest in cracks/crevices

Bed bugs can live without food for more than a year  



Pest Solution services (bed bug 101) is a pest control company (SPECIALIZED IN BED BUG CONTROL) with a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in pest control industry. After spending 14 years with international pest control leader companies, we decided to start our own bed bug control business in Toronto,Ontario to provide high quality bed bug control service. Great reviews from our customers on HOME STARS about our services is the excellent proof of our hard work, loyalty and honesty. We are well trained in customer service along with the use of latest bed bug control technology and installation of Bed bug Monitors-Detectors by using FORENSIC TECHNOLOGY

We are specialized in Entomology (the science of insects), and use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system to control the pest problems anywhere in your structure. In addition to that we have structural license from the University of Guelph and are also registered with the Ministry of Environment. We are also a member of the following associations:

Canadian Pest Management Association

National Pest Management Association 
Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario

Our professionals are specialized in residential pest control business and provide high quality work. We offer environment friendly solutions to your problems. The services we provide reflect our technology that we use, the first step which is very important in our Pest Solution Services is inspection. We procede our action plan according to the basis of our inspection regarding your problem. We never depend only on chemicals to rectify your pest problem. We strictly follow the IPM system that starts from pest inspection, identification, monitoring, action, evaluation and follow up. In each and every situation we are always standing behind our valued customers even after the treatment. 

Our team always remains in contact with our valued customers, even after a successful treatment, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Now we have enhanced our service area to Mississauga- Oakville- Hamilton- Brampton- Vaughan- Richmond hill- North York- Oshawa- Barrie.

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