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Bed Bug 101 Canada

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Our premium Bed Bug service totally depends upon IPM (Integrated Pest Management) that is the only program which provides 100% results against Bed Bug eradication. 
We start out our program/ treatment with the detailed inspection of cracks/crevices- electrical outlets- phone jacks- electronics- picture frames- paintings- bed frames- carpets/ rugs- flooring etc.
Some insects may look like Bed Bugs, so at this point correct identification is very important.
It is very important aspect of IPM to overcome the infestation of Bed Bugs. To understand the life cycle of Bed Bug is the key part of the game.
Beside this, the knowledge about the behaviour of different instars/ stages of the Bed Bugs has its own importance to overcome the bad situation/ infestation.
In the life cycle of Bed Bugs, eggs have their own priority and we know the places where the Bed Bugs like to lay their eggs
Treatment of Bed Bugs is not the game to play with closed eyes, it needs comprehensive action plan, otherwise lot of lapse will remain there during the treatment and infestation will come back within no time, that is why you need highly trained Bed Bug professional having comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of dealing Bed Bugs with proper kind of Bed Bugs tool.
Removal of the clutter is another practice which we like to do during our Bed Bug treatment. Without removal of clutter you should not expect better results, especially the clutter under the bed and/ or around the bed.
So after the treatment your room will be BED BUG free and clutter free.
We used our specially designed vacuum equipped with HEPA FILTER bags along with cracks and crevices tool to reach deep place where you cannot reach yourself. Usages of hard and soft brushes having the layer of special designed towel make us able to reach the eggs of Bed Bugs.
We never spray any kind of chemicals on the mattress/ box spring except 
Our steamer releases 220F kill the eggs and Bed Bugs instantly.
We do not use any kind of technology /chemicals which can damage the structure and or valuable belongings of our valued customers such as carpets- leather/ fabric couches- head boards- electronics etc.
We highly recommend using the Bed Bug certified mattress/ Box spring encasements having special zipper on it, make sure that every encasement is not Bed Bug proof encasement.
We also recommend the BED BUG moats under the legs of the bed.


How Do We Proceed?

​Why Choose Pest Solution Services/BED BUG 101 CANADA - BEDBUG EXTERMINATOR EXPERTS:

Universally bed bugs feed at night, although hungry bed bugs may feed any time. In the treatment of bed bugs we cannot neglect the biology along with their behaviour and control strategies, but the inspection is most important and very crucial part of bed bug control strategy or to deal the challenge of infestation of any kind.

 Roll of the inspection of bed bugs is getting more and more important because of the spread of bed bugs worldwide. We always keep our services updated according to need and requirement of our customers especially when the infestation is at the beginning stage and is very hard to find the evidence.

The failure of the control of bed bugs is because of treatment is being done without any research.

Another disadvantage of the treatment without inspection is that bed bugs start spreading/moving from infested place to no infested place in most of the cases.

It is also observed in the field that non IPM program make the bed bugs worse and they start hiding in the structures, walls, ceiling and cement etc. 


Importance of Inspection

Hire An Entomologist For Bed Bug Extermination Toronto

Pest Solution Services/Bed bug 101 Canada is a Bed bug extermination company operating in Toronto with a team of professionals after having more than 20 years of experience in pest control industry along with quality service, commitment to the customers and allegiance to finding entomologically, modern and competent ways to exterminate the infestation as well as preventive measures of Bed bugs. All these qualities lightened our professionalism, knowledge, technology and care of our valued customers with our deep heart.

In addition to that, we do not take action or carry out any bed bug treatments unless there is solid evidence. This is our basic ETHICS of care, that is why our customers trust us and in this way we save their precious money and time.Read the reviews of our customers on home stars about our quality and ethical service for the removal of bed bugs.  

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